How do I find the landing page for my testing program?

Go to the Test Taker home page or click “For Test Takers” at the top of any page on this website.

Under “Start here: select your program” type your program name or its acronym.

When you get a match, click on the program name. You will go to the landing page for your program.

How do I contact Pearson VUE Customer Service?

To ensure you chat with, phone or email, the correct customer service representative, follow these steps:

Go to your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1)

Click “Customer Service.” You will see the correct contact information for your testing program.

How do I create an account?

Go to your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1).

Click “Create an account.”

Follow the step-by-step instructions. You will be asked to provide basic demographics (an email address is required), along with any other information deemed important by your program or board.

If you are asked to provide your ID number while creating an account, you may require pre-authorization from the testing program or board. If you do not have this information, contact the testing program or board. A link to its website is provided on the landing page (see FAQ #1).

How do I schedule, reschedule or cancel an exam online?

Go to your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1)

Click “Sign In.”

Enter your username and password.

To schedule:

Choose an exam.

Then, a location.

Finally, a date and time.

5.To reschedule or cancel, look at the “Upcoming Appointments” section for instructions.

Some programs charge fees for rescheduling and/or cancelling an exam. To determine if there is a fee to reschedule or cancel your exam, check your appointment confirmation email.

The deadline to reschedule or cancel an appointment will vary by testing program. To determine the policy for your exam and testing program, check your appointment confirmation email.

Your profile will reflect the updated appointment and you will receive an email confirming any change. If your new appointment (or change) is not reflected online, contact Customer Service (see FAQ #2) to confirm the appointment.

How do I update personal information on my account?

Go to your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1)

Click “Sign In.”

Enter your username and password.

Click on “My profile” (under the My account menu).

If your program allows you to edit your account, you will see an “Edit” option to the right of the information you wish to change.

For security reasons, some fields may need to be updated by Pearson VUE or by the testing program.

If you are unable to update your personal information online, you will see messaging regarding who to contact to have updates made.

If I have an issue at the test center, how is it reported and how long does it take to resolve?

The normal resolution time is 3-5 business days.  The steps are:

The test center administrator will file an Incident Report.

Within the 3-5 day window, you will be contacted via email or phone when the issue has been resolved.

After 5 business days, if the incident has not been resolved, contact Customer Service (see FAQ #2)

I think I have multiple accounts. Can I have them merged?

We can merge duplicate accounts for most testing programs. To request a merge:

Call Customer Service (see FAQ #2). Please note that account merges cannot be done via Live Chat Support.

If Pearson VUE is unable to merge your duplicate accounts, contact your respective testing program or board.

My account has a block. How do I get it removed?

To remove a block on your account:

Contact Customer Service (see FAQ #2).

Customer Service will identify needed steps based on the nature of the block

How much will my exam cost?

The cost of exams varies by testing program, exam type, and sometimes region.

You can find the exam fee once logged into your Pearson VUE account or on your testing program website.

What payment methods are available?

If authorization is required by your testing program, typically you will pay your fee to the testing program at the time of registration.

If no pre-authorization is required, you must pay the exam fee at the time of scheduling. Payment may be made with a Visa, American Express or MasterCard debit/credit card.

Pre-paid vouchers may be used in place of or in conjunction with other forms of payment. Some testing candidates receive vouchers from their school or employer or, for many testing programs, vouchers may be purchased at the Pearson VUE Voucher Store.

Vouchers: expire one year from the date they are issued may be limited to a specific type of exam are non-refundable and non-extendable

Candidates testing within some sanctioned and restricted countries will be unable to submit credit card payment online or through Customer Service (see FAQ #2). If this is the case, contact the test center directly to inquire about paying for your appointment using other methods of payment.

If my exam requires authorization, how long is the authorization period? Am I able to extend or transfer my authorization period?

Exam authorizations may vary in length depending on the policy of your testing program. Most testing programs send an email or letter notifying you of the authorization.This communication will include the eligibility dates of your exam authorization.

The Pearson VUE website will prevent you from accidentally scheduling outside of your authorization eligibility window.

To inquire about extending or transferring your authorization, contact your testing program. Pearson VUE is unable to make changes to exam authorizations.

How do I get my score report? What if I lost it or need a duplicate?

Many testing programs provide a preliminary score report at the test center immediately after your exam.

Some programs choose to send your results to you directly. This can sometimes take a number of weeks to process.

Some testing programs allow you to view and print additional score reports from your Pearson VUE account. Typically they are available within an hour of exam completion, but may take up to 24 hours.

If online score reports are not available for your testing program, contact Customer Service (see FAQ #2) to request a duplicate score report. Duplicate score reports are sent via email only, and take 3-5 business days.

If we are unable to process your request for a duplicate score report, you will be directed to contact your testing program or board for next steps.

If you are testing under a state regulated program, there could be additional steps when requesting a duplicate score report. To learn more, check the candidate handbook located on your testing program landing page (see FAQ #1).